RETROMINE seeks to optimize the organisation of the continuously flooding life science events published daily in Medline. Given a PubMed query, RetroMine focuses on selecting retroactively highly targeted biological entities within relative abstracts, specifically : proteins, diseases, cells, drugs, species and tissues. Parallel to this, RetroMine suggests to quantify background information published and specifically filter it to domain experts, to allow novel and unexpected data to emerge.


Retromine is temporarily unavailable BUT you can download data-sets we used for our use-case study : Hepcidin decade events published and extracted from "Dec 2000" to "Dec 2011"

Retromine is powered by

  • Mysqldatabase
  • Pubmed NCBI citation index and search
  • Sun JavaTM Web Start Technology
  • Alibaba Alibaba web-service


  • Bertrand Ameline-De-Cadeville
  • Fouzia Moussouni
  • Olivier Loréal
  • Pierre Le Marre